Document Archiving

The Agate Framework supports document archiving using SQL's blob (binary large object) support that is integrated with Agate reports for display of archived documents from related report print lines. 

Use 'Change / View documents' to either modify search fields entered during 'Associate documents to Agate ids' or to search and display a previously archived document.  A user can archive or retrieve documents only from groups to which the the user has been associated using 'Maintain groups'

Document type codes and filing labels are used to create classification codes for searching and retrieving documents using 'Maintain document types' or 'Maintain filing labels'

Agate id type codes are used to define a relationship to a primary key of an SQL table, such as Agate III's vendor id, customer id, or employee id.  This creates another searchable key for an archived document, and guarantees a successful inner join to the archived document table for creating reports that reference archived documents.  From these previewed reports, one can display an archived document by merely double clicking on any report line that references an archived document.

Use 'Maintain search values for Agate generated documents'  to assign search values to an Agate Framework report.  A user then is given the option to archive this report from the print prompt dialogue.